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Cyprus Street Artist Anatolis Spyrlidis, aka RoyalVenom:
The Journey of a Calligraffiti Artist

The Beginning of RoyalVenom's Art

In the early 2000s, RoyalVenom started his path in graffiti writing, going by name DonDante and creating his crew, CGCrew, which was featured on In 2005, he attended the University of Derby in the UK, where he graduated with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design. During his time at university, he was influenced by typography, especially in gothic and blackletter styles.


The Path to Calligraffiti

In 2014, RoyalVenom began his journey into calligraffiti, becoming a Pilot Pen, Winsor & Newton & Liquitex Ambassador in Cyprus in 2018. He has participated in several events, such as MOS Kosovo in 2019 and United by Calligraphy in 2020, where he received an honorary diploma from the Ministry of Culture in Romania. In the same year, he received the award “XX SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE of the Republic of Cyprus” in the Art & Culture category. In 2022, he was a featured artist at the Cyprus International Convention, where he gave a live art performance.

RoyalVenom artist in the world of calligraffiti

Anatolis Spyrlidis, aka RoyalVenom, is an artist in the world of calligraffiti, whose unique style and artistic expression have garnered attention and admiration. From his early beginnings in graffiti writing to becoming a Pilot Pen Ambassador and receiving awards and accolades. His notable works, such as the mural in Chlorakas, Paphos, showcase his artistic talent and his ability to engage the public with his art. RoyalVenom is one of the influential calligraffiti artists in Europe, and his contribution to the art world will undoubtedly continue to inspire and impress.

RoyalVenom is an active member of the Calligrafreaks art movement based in Spain and Germany and the Supremacaligrafia Crew in Mexico.