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Cyprus based Calligraffiti - STREET ARTIST Anatolis Spyrlidis, aka RoyalVenom:

In the early 2000s, RoyalVenom started his path in graffiti writing, going by name DonDante and creating his crew, CGCrew, which was featured on In 2005, he attended the University of Derby in the UK, where he graduated with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design. During his time at university, he was influenced by typography, especially in gothic and blackletter styles.


In the epoch where the penumbra of antiquity intertwines with the luminescence of the avant-garde, a visionary calligraffiti and mural artist imbues vitality into metropolitan vistas. Donning the appellation RoyalVenom, the artist epitomizes the momentum of veracity, a force unmasking pretense and engendering equilibrium betwixt law and liberty, vitality and demise, all while playfully embracing the anachronism of his chosen prose.

RoyalVenom artist in the world of calligraffiti

A graduate of the University of Derby, holding a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design, RoyalVenom’s passion for calligraffiti earned him the distinguished title of Cyprus’ Pilot Pen Ambassador and an honorary parchment from Romania’s Ministry of Culture. Through the sorcery of Gothic Blackletters and Baroque intricacies, a symphony of Swiss and Grotesque motifs arises, resonating with the essence of Graffiti, Renaissance artistry, and Street Culture. RoyalVenom’s creative pilgrimage pays homage to sincerity and concord in a realm of contrasts. With a wry smile, he acknowledges the delightful incongruity of his accomplishments and his archaic-inspired persona.

His enchanting oeuvre captivates the hearts of street art aficionados, calligraffiti devotees, and streetwear and tattoo connoisseurs, inviting all to explore the spellbinding artistic realm he has sculpted. In this realm, creativity and tongue-in-cheek humor intermingle, beguiling the reader to appreciate the fusion of the artist’s modern sensibilities and the archaic charm of his narrative.

RoyalVenom is an active member of the Calligrafreaks art movement based in Spain and Germany and the Supremacaligrafia Crew in Mexico.